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Originally Posted by listerone View Post
I had an Infiniti "M" with keyless start and,once or twice,I walked away from the car,still running,with the keyfob in my pocket.It would beep and,upon hearing the beep,I immediately went back to the vehicle so I,like you,am not sure what would have happened if I kept walking.One would think for several reasons,however,that it would stop running at some point.but that's just a hunch on my part.
It doesn't stop running until the on/off button is pressed or until it runs out of fuel. I know because on a couple of occasions, I had my car valeted but took the key fob with me. The valet parked the car and shut it off, but he couldn't bring it back to me because he had no way to restart the engine without the fob. daa . . .