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Comfort Access FOB Questions

I am planning to order the comfort access with the 535. I assume that if both my wife and I have a FOB in our respective pocket or purse that dropping off my wife at work and driving off would not be an issue since there will still be a FOB in my pocket.

Is it true that you can lock the car by merely touching the door handle. Also do you lock the car in the same manner. Can you lock and unlock the car in a similar manner to a convention FOB. Sorry for the dumb questions but I have never owned a car with this new sort of FOB. Finally thanks to this forum for posting a number of different situations that could occur with this newfangled FOB. It appears that you have to get accostomed its quirks.

One final question. At the dealer, I notice that with comfort access the trunk opens and closes electronically. Can you close and open the trunk from the FOB? I also notice that there are two switches on the trunk lid to close the lid. When you press on, the trunk closes. The other switch is marked with a "locked car" symbol. I assume that when you press this buttom, the trunk closes and then locks. Is this correct?