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Thank you for the excellent description of the comfort access. I think I now understand how it works. However, I have one scenario which may be a problem. I normally go with my wife to a supermarket and park the car in the lot about 30 ft from the entrance. Suppose I lock the car and then enter the supermarket. Suppose I am at the checkout stand which is again about 30ft from my parked car. Does that mean that an interloper in the parking lot could press the handle on the car and enter while I am at the checkout stand or is the FOB designed that it's range is limited to less than say 5 ft?

What about if I mistakenly leave the FOB in the car, i.e. on the console between the driver and passenger seat? Is there an interlock such that I can't lock both the doors and the trunk when I step out of the car? I can also see a scenario where I exit the car and then open the trunk of the car to retrieve something and then press the button with the lock symbol on the trunk lid to lock both the car and the trunk. I assume that it will place the car and trunk in the locked state but again anyone can open the car by pressing the driver door handle.

Any clarification from you or anyone else with experience with the BMW comfort access option on the F10 series or previous BMW models would be greatly appreciated.