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Originally Posted by tadtaggert View Post
What you say is correct, but still ignores the driving comparison of the 550i to the Jag.

I spent a considerable time before making a choice, a good bit of that time was waiting for the opportunity to drive the new F10's. I did drive the Jag's, also the 535i and the 550i as well as a good many other cars. If it was strictly a money issue and had to choose between the Jag and something comparably priced..... but that still doesn't answer the driving comparison of the 550i to the Jag.

I bought the 550i.
Congrats on the 550i. I'd love to have one of those, and you can't beat the V8.

With regard to the XF vs. 535i driving comparison, while we did not compare the cars back-to-back, Kevin did mention that the XF was "phenominally fun to drive" in his 535i review, and that the 535i, to him, wasn't.
Originally Posted by LuvMyE92 View Post
You need to proofread it one more time. A couple of awkward sentences and some missing punctuation.

Otherwise, it seemed well written and easy to read.

Cute kid. can read things a hundred times and still find a little glitch like that here and there, or something you'd prefer to say differently. I just went back into it again and tweaked a thing or two, but generally, I feel the punctuation is quite good in this piece.

About the child - I agree - she's not my daughter, but she is definitely cute in that pic.