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F10s get significantly more expensive than E90s when you compare 330d vs 530d. I think a similar spec F10 530d is about GBP5-6,000 more expensive or about a 20% increase in price. It may be more than that as I think you would not get as big a discount on an F10 as a E90.

The F10 does have a lot more scope for goodies though, like the reversing camera, comfort seats or a cruise control that can work in stop-start traffic instead of disconnecting below about 15mph.

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Here in the UK the 520d is probably the best value for money F10. If you go for the basic UK spec' it comes in at almost the same cost as a 320d specced to a similar level. In fact was a few 's cheaper for the closest comparison specification, when I configured one a few weeks back.

Certainly will be the biggest seller here, 5-series car for sensible money and good economy.

BTW, we won't see many high specced 535i's either and even more rare, 550i's.