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Originally Posted by Mr. Magic View Post
I noticed plug washer I pulled off seems to be aluminum instead of copper that I put back on. Fooled me for second since I was expecting a copper washer and the aluminum washer - which blended in with the engine bottom - was still stuck after oil drain and had to be removed with the help of a screwdriver.
Don't think the washer is that big of a deal. FWIW, I bot some extra washers and they were all copper.

Originally Posted by Mr. Magic View Post
The draining was a little messier than I anticipated with the bottom plug. I thought I'd lower the car only after awhile when it started to drip. But, as the oil draining slows down, it starts to adhere to the bottom of the engine and starts going toward the back of the car and then drips onto the bottom cover shield making a mess.
If you have the car high up on ramps, that can happen. Next time, try and open the oil cap first, so the flow can be more even. Or you can try and place the drain pan closer to the drain hole, by placing a box under the pan.

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The most important step - after the jack stand safety backup - is the adult beverage at end. Need to think about some tangible short term reward for yourself. Up here in N. Calif., it tends to be a good glass of wine..
I'm a Napa Cabernet kinda guy.