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Originally Posted by gatoman39 View Post
If you have the car high up on ramps, that can happen. Next time, try and open the oil cap first, so the flow can be more even. Or you can try and place the drain pan closer to the drain hole, by placing a box under the pan.
Maybe I didn't explain too well. The oil, when it slows down draining, starts to run out the hole and along the bottom of the engine block, kinda of like a leaky roof where the water runs along the ceiling from surface tension and drops down elsewhere (and in my case, almost always in places hard to see or reach.) In this case, "elsewhere" is the bottom ground shield (whatever they call the black soft panel hanging below the car) about 6 inches away from the drain plug and hard to wipe or clean, sort of like a ship bilge area. So, while I have a large drain pan and catch it anyway, the dirty oil goes places I don't want it in the car "bilge".

I think simply lowering the car down within 3 or 4 minutes after removing the drain plug is the way to ensure the drain plug remains the lowest point and the oil doesn't meander around, and your instructions actually called this out. I had oil cap on, but filter cap off.

Thanks again; I enjoyed driving the F10 today on Highway-1 (practicing my passing on a 2-lane/way road) a little more aggressively since I was past break-in and it was a great feeling to know the oil was sparkling clean while seeing things I passed disappear in my rear view mirror riding in total luxury.
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