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Not everyone can do this, but I am fortunate in that I have a side parking pad that is on a slight incline. Therefore I can put the car up on ramps and at that point the car is basically level. So I can leave it up there while draining the oil. It makes life much simpler.

If you do your own oil change, you can pay for the tools required with only one or two changes (depending on how badly your dealer likes to stick it to you). My local dealer gives a 10 or 15 percent BMWCCA discount which is great because they sell their crap at 10 to 15 percent OVER BMW suggested retail. Buggers. I buy all my parts at BavAuto, including filters. Oil is cheapest at Costco although they are dead to me (long story) so I go to BJs. Don't go to Sam's because they are part of Wal-Mart which is the devil. Seriously.
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