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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
Now I know I come from the 1 series community, but we have the same directions for the kidney grill install, and I still dont understand the purpose of removing the rubber seal at the top of the bumper. Its not necessary. Just push down on the grill clips and pull the grill out. Thats how it was on my car, never had to remove any screws or seals.

Just take a flathead screwdriver, press down on the plastic tabs in the clips, pull the grills out. The new ones just snap right in.
Are you saying to bypass removing the rubber strip and the hex bolt and just use a flat scredriver and pry the grilles out?

Originally Posted by modestforest View Post
what's the price of the kidneys ?

btw verry nice car !
I think they run around $85 each side. I'm not too sure just contact BMW parts dept.