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Originally Posted by ddd269 View Post
Be aware that your V1 will not power down right away in most electrical connections you make. Even the cig lighter takes about 2 min to shut off after you lock the doors. I timed this. I'm guessing the sunroof has a similar shut off time after the doors are locked as all current drainage is controlled by the computer and is shut off automatically. Not an expert in this area but I don't see why it would be different.

Good luck with your install.
It seems that the 12V input in the center console and the 12V input under the glove compartment does not turn off if you don't lock the door (or at least not within 30 mins with me standing there watching and waiting, until I gave up). As ddd269 stated, the 12V inputs will shut off (after 2 mins) only when the doors are locked. Unfortunately, when I park the F10 in my garage, I forget to lock the car and the Valentine V1 stays on.... Trying to avoid having to 'add a circuit' to the fuse box, but does anyone know why the 12V is active unless the doors are locked? If I have to run Valentine power to the fuse box, does anyone know which fuse is a switched circuit (power remains off when the engine is turned off, and doors not having to be locked)? Fuse 57?