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Guys I have a 2008 BMW 335i coupe and my car has a slight pull to the right as well. It is more noticable with cars with the sports suspension. I had a loaner E90 328i a few days ago with the 17" value package rims but it did not have sports suspension. The loaner had lighter steering and seemed to track more straight and true. after driving it for a few days I noticed that it did also indead pull to the right just not as noticable since the car sits higher of the ground. Here in Orlando, Florida we have a lot of roads that have been built with a slight crown for the rain to run of the road faster. This is the price we pay for our cars to handle better than the average car. Most BMW's I have driven pull to the right except for some X5's but those sit high of the ground and built different than a BMW sedan and especially a BMW coupe that is so low to the ground.
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