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Originally Posted by Raptor001 View Post
I like the contrast on the white car with black grilles, but I don't know if I like the same mod on dark cars because you lose the contrast. Almost think the dark cars look better stock because of the contract between silver and the dark color. The lighter cars can get away with it because it's still a nice contrast between black and light color.

Thanks for the DIY though. I was wondering how to get the lower grilles out so that I can paint the reflectors.

Anyone paint these yourself? Can you reuse the reflectors after you remove them since they have adhesive on them or do you have to replace them once taken out?
Yes you can reuse the reflectors. All you need to do is reapply 3m double sided tape on it. Make sure it's the automotive 3m tape.

Originally Posted by Lukeswarm View Post
Thats it, decided... i have the dealer fitting me those black grills on my white m-sport so they match the wheels (which are black)... now no idea if to go for the whitelines - Go on Lacster get them so i can see what they look like on a white car :-)
I really don't know about those lights. I like what what frankie90 did with them but it's should be better then stock right out the box and not require any modification if it's going to be a upgrade.