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Originally Posted by joy5 View Post
While I am expecting for the answer to

If you fit one, how does that affect the...

- Warranty
- Insurance, do I have to inform my Insurer, will my premium go up
- Does this count as modification
- What other impacts this will have

Those who have modified their rides should know these best.

Appreciate your guidance.
Well BMW insurance is voided if you modify the car with a new map or a box for the engine control. Some tuning companies sell additional insurance.

In the EU, the car also becomes illegal because the manufacturer gets an EU wide approval for the car that includes the emission levels. Any tampering with the car and it loses this approval.

If you crash the car and the insurance company finds out about the remap you may get reduced or no compensation at all.

Still many owners do remap their cars. Most after the warranty is gone though.