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Have to let this puppy go! We have loved BMW's for the last 7 years (have bought 6 in that timeframe).

This car is amazing drives and performs like a dream and I still love it. But we have to let go. I am tired of the constant tire problems. All four tires loose air constantly (about 5 to 10LBS a month). This is not the maintenance free car that all my previous BMW's were. We could take it in for service, but that is a two week waiting period. Just over it!

We have never taken this car on a trip longer than the runflats can travel on to get back home (about 50 miles). We just don't trust the tires. We are now looking elsewhere for a new car and have decide this is our last BMW. Still love BMW's but cannot have a car that cannot be serviced within reasonable time (Dealer just told us two weeks before they have a appointment to replace the faulty front tire, which was expressed in yesterday). So again we have this lovely "Driveway Ornament".
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