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Originally Posted by HaloEye View Post
haha i told my wife about that, i remember reading about you doing this (she asked me if we should get entertainment system if we go with the 5). she thought it was crazy before i explained to her the price comparisons, but with the ipads you get so much more. would be cool to pair those with the droid phone that can turn into a wireless hotspot. then your passengers can use the internet as well. great idea
Yeah, even with two 64 GB 3G ipads, you still spend less than the entertainment system.

...and yes, you can always tether your cell phone (if it is capable) to allow wireless internet using your ipad.

You just have to get a good cover for the ipad (the thin cover that folds over the screen to make it look like a book when you open it) and just put them in the back pocket of the driver seat or the front passenger seat. This cover would hide the ipad in the pockets because you also don't want any vandals to break into your car trying to steal the ipads. Yeah, some thiefs are that desperate.
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