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I totally agree that the Rear Seat Entertainment system needs rethinking. For an adult it is great but for small kids it is a nightmare.

I frequently have to try to set it up before setting off and tell my daughter that she can only watch one episode of Shawn the Sheep (current favourite)after the other in the order they are on the DVD, when she wants to watch the same episode again then she is out of luck.

I think perhaps a software update to allow it to be controlled from the front iDrive shoule be possible but let's see at the moment I just get the message that the rear DVD can not be viewd on the front iDrive.

Still saying this the system is great if you are old enough to use it - great quality and some nice features. The fact it is built in is also nice and on such a car I prefer this built in approach to an iPad with wires - just my opinion though.

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