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Recently took delivery of an F10 520D SE with 8 speed auto box.

It is company lease car that was ordered on 18th August and delivered on 18th November (3 months from order to delivery)

Extras /changes ordered:
  1. 18" 328 wheels
  2. USB audio
  3. Rear folding seats
  4. Sports steering wheel and 8 speed sports auto box
  5. Business advance media package
  6. Model designation deletion
  7. Smokers pack deletion

Total P11D Value 32,500.00

Interior is cinnamon brown leather.

I am on the whole delighted with the car and I can genuinely say that this is the best alround car that I have driven.

My previous car was a 57 plate 320i coupe that was a smooth runner and a pleasure to drive. Previous to this were mundane cars like a mondeo diesel, GTI's and hot hatches, ie, A3 Turbo sports, Megane 225 sport etc.

Haven driven the new car over the last 10 days (750 miles covered) I have the following +ve / -ve comments based on my opinion to make in comparison to previous models of motor driven:

  • Big comfy car compared to the 3 series coupe
  • Very smooth ride in comparison to the 3 series in the absence of VDC which many people state is vital to the overall ride of the car.
  • Potent engine although only a 4 four cylinder diesel with plenty of torque. Feels just as quick as any car that I have ever driven and personally speaking, if feel that a 525d, 530d or 535d or any petrol derivative is overkill, especially when you compare acceleration times vs mpg. this car is more than a match for most equivalent diesel executive cars.
  • Brilliant auto box with DDC TO change between normal driving settings, sports and sports +.
  • Excelent sat nav with incorporated bmw online services. (Far more advanced and user friendly than aftermarket sat nav units in my opinion.
  • User friendly i drive system that it so easy to operate even when driving.
  • Good fuel economy even though new and not bedded in. Caned it down to Gatwick and back and achieved 54 mpg whereas only 28 mpg in the 320i.
  • I had reservations about the cinnamon interior but I am over the moon with the choice. It is not only a unique choice especially in England (Try doing a search on Autotrader on the BMW website for this interior colour!) but in my opinion the best combination with the alpine white exterior. It is a warm colour, easy on the eye and and sure that will not show up dust and dirt like the oyster or grey.
  • Imposing exterior especially with the 18" alloys. The 17" alloys although look fine add to the overall sporty but understated look of the car.

  • Not unexpected but a bit disappointed with the performance in the snow. Just leave on the drive and get a taxi or bus instead. These cars are useless in winter conditions but you sign up to this when you buy a BMW. You just have to admit defeat and bear in mind that 95% of the time they are the best car you can drive under normal driving conditions.
  • Vague steering feel / response at higher motorway speeds. Maybe something to do with the motorised steering. I dont feel comfortable driving at "Want to get home sooner rather than later" speeds. (Put it sports setting however and the steering tightens up considerable and the throttle response, higher reving provides excelent performance but I presume compromises economy.
  • Limited COMBOX functionality with many bluetooth smartphones. I have a BB curve 8520 and is great for handfree calling when on the move but wont work with SMS and email. I presume that BMW will eventually release updates to solve this problem.
    Slight clattery sound from outside the cabin when the engine is ruuning (Although very quiet inside). Although I suppose this is par for the course with a diesel. Even 6 cylinder owners report this.

I will post some photos of the car in due course.

Conclusion: Excelent motor and a no brainer if in the position to have this option when choosing your next company car!