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@bmwarchitect: Be ready to polish the car! Unless I was the exception, this car will come swirled.

When I ordered the car, I left instructions not to prep the exterior. I called the dealership a few times to the point of when I spoke to the dealership they responded "We know, don't touch the exterior". When I picked the car up, it was slightly dirty. They told me the only time it was touched was when it got off the boat at the prep center. The dealership said they "have" to wash it there. I'm not sure if this is true, but I am sure it happened.

The trunk was completely swirled. There was some swirls on the corner panels as well. Not terrible that I noticed it when picking up the car in the late afternoon, but coming out the next day in the sun, there they were. The trunk actually looked like a used car. I was floored.

I have a PC7424, but didn't feel like spending two days fixing the car. I reached out to a highly recommended Autopian ( who will be correct the car this weekend.

A note on the carbon black paint... It looks incredible in the sun. Its black, then its metallic blue, then it has some purple hue to it. Awesome color. Mine has been a dust magnet. Also, today, a bird sh!t on the car. I got it home within 20 minutes and QD'd it off only to find an etch mark from the bird poop. I'm now considering getting a CR Spotless DI system so I don't actually have to dry the car.

After all this, I still wouldn't change the color if I could. It looks that awesome. I'll try to get some pics after its detailed.

Good luck with yours!