Thread: 530D or 535D?
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Tough to anwer that for you as I know that new-car taxes in Denmark make the cars horribly expensive! However, in Sweden the additional cost for the xDrive is SEK 26', but automatic comes standard with the x so if you're comparing to a manual 530d, the difference is bigger.
I could not order all the extras so I skipped HUD (did not like it during the test drive), Lane change (I'm not 85 years old yet) and the active cruise. The sports gear with paddles was a must though. So was panorama roof, M-pack, Comfort seats, 4 way climate control, large nav, best stereo, comfort seats and... what else.. 19'' wheels, automatic cargo door opener (have it today and love it!), USB, Bluetooth and a few more things. Hope to get it early April.