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Originally Posted by IE92 View Post
I ordered 20" Forgestar F14's last week, but the 20x9 fronts are on back order. Unfortunately I won't get them for about 11 weeks. H&R springs and wheels will go on at the same time and then I'll post pics.
Looks like the F14's will be very popular with the F10's

Originally Posted by Glock 32 View Post
The SonicMS 550i = Forum Member Glock 32 ;o)

Cool compilation.

Hey Vinfast, if you get a chance can you post a pic of your car straight on side shot?

I want to compare the H&R drop to non-M package cars right below yours (looks like it might be a tad higher in the rear, but that could just be the angle)... Is your fender gap the same front and rear or a little more of a gap on the rear vs. the front after the drop?

They have a disclaimer that the drop might be less on cars with M-package.

Regardless, I'll be having my H&R springs installed next week...
Thanks and I edited the thread with your name. FYI, The H&R Sports will sit lower then the OE M Sport springs. I already did the side by side comparison at my dealer when I was there last.

Originally Posted by delvek View Post
Very nice compilation, thanks for taking the time to do that.

As I scrolled through the one that caught my eye most was the quad exhaust (5th from top), very awesome looking which causes me to eat my words that the current trapezoid exhaust on the 550i is perfect, maybe the round quads are better, hmmm ...
Nice that we can convert you But I still have gotten used to the trapezoid tips yet. Reminds me of the new Acura TL tips