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Originally Posted by Matt01 View Post
I've seen other posts that talk of all sorts of error codes and melted plastics... I'm not sure what oem parts exist and how easily you could change the whole headlight cluster...
On a slightly different off-topic tangent , I like many others have the (crap) halogen lights. I recently replaced all 4 bulbs for dip and main beam with Osram Nightbreaker Plus bulbs (H7 55w) - there is a definite difference with these bulbs!

Night time driving is much better - but nowhere near as good as with Xenons. Still for 15 a pair you can't go wrong. A mere 30 sorts out the dipped and main beams with no danger of error codes or melted plastics.

By the way, the standard OEM dipped/main bulbs are Osram (but *not* Nightbreaker Plus), the Nightbreaker Plus bulbs give a much whiter light (and are less embarrassing, lol).