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Originally Posted by JPHender View Post
I discovered inadvertently that the USB port in the center console does not charge my iPod. Does anyone know it this is normal?

I've had the car for three months now and keep an iPod nano in the console. This past week, every time I tried to listen to the iPod, it would disconnect after one or two songs and hang, like has been reported in other threads. I finally took a look at the iPod this afternoon and found that the battery was completely dead! even though it has been plugged into the usb port continuously. I tried several cables and none charge the iPod. If this is by design, it is a HORRIBLE design. Why doesn't the usb port provide power out for charging???

I have a 6th Gen Nano and keep it in the armerest console all the time, continuosly plugged into the USB port, using the Apple cable. To date, I have not had any charging issues and notice when I take it out every other week or so to re-sync with my computer, is always fully charged. Just a guess, but maybe the unit does not shut down or go to sleep when you shut the car off? Otherwise, the USB port should charge.