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I'm jealous, I wish BMW would bring more diesels to the USA. I'm picking up a 535i in a couple weeks in Munich. Much rather have the diesel, but they told me, if it happens, it won't happen for several years. Now, I'll be really annoyed if they change their minds and it happens much sooner. From what I've seen in the European BMW websites, the diesel is about on par cost wise with the gasoline equivalent engine. In the USA, they charge around $4K premium for the diesel, which also doesn't make sense. You can buy a lot of gasoline for $4k to cover the difference in fuel economy. You'd still make out if you kept it long enough, and the much greater range per tank is a nice feature. Oh well, who knows what the state of the art will be when it comes time to replace this new one - at least 5-6 years down the road (I hope!).