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Space Grey -- Highlights Shape & M Ducting

Nice set of pictures, which should assist others who face your dilemma.

I would reiterate my vote for Space Grey. Your Space Grey side profile image illustrates how that colour highlights the F10's shape, with contrasting lighter and shaded areas. I suspect that's why BMW used SG in brochures and TV ads.

As has been suggested above, with dark colours the aggressive shape of the M-Package air inlets tends to be lost. The effect is clearly shown in your images.

Sophisto Grey looks interesting, provided you get at least twenty sunny days annually. Perhaps best reserved for Spain or Arizona.

Alternatively, if you go for Black or Sophisto, you might consider rigging up some appropriate backlighting using LED strips from the current Audi parts bin. That would highlight the M ducting and help ensure rapid lane-clearing as drivers spot the menacing look in their rear-view mirrors.