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Originally Posted by car_fan View Post
3 words: Ditch the Runflats! Your issues have been mirrored by many board members especially those with the F10 sedan. Although when I did have my runflats I only lost air once in the right front tire. It was replaced within a day under my tire warranty. Others I hear continue to have problems with the GoodYear Runflats. Bubbles due to impacts from potholes, etc seem to be a common issue.

I'm not knocking your decision to go with the 335isc (nice car), but it too has runflats and you may possibly encounter the same issues.

Just my two cents
+1 on ditching the runflats. Your GT will ride better too!!

Another option you may want to local dealership has heard lots of complaints from owners about the runflats losing air, so they now offer nitrogen as an option. Supposedly this fixes the issue (at least that's what they told me). They charge $99 for this.