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Originally Posted by jaekeem View Post
Great write up my only negative is on the sport you lose all control of the settings for chassis and engine. Dampening is only one out of three electronically controlled components of the msport suspension package.

Since dampening isn't electronically controlled with kw v3 kit I cannot use the engine response setting nor the active body roll controls.

This is an issue as I plan on hitting the track later this summer and with kw selling a product claiming to fix this is ridiculous.

I cannot turn off DSC, or enter any of the chassis controls. You can engage these features from a stop but if you pass 30 mph you go back into default normal mode.

Granted if you aren't going to track with the f10 then luigi hit this review perfectly.

The kw v3 makes this car more enjoyable and more like what the 5 series and BMW driving experience ought to be from the factory.

Again great write up luigi!
Thank you for your positive comments Jason. However I feel your pain in regards to losing the electronic controls of the DHP/Adaptive drive.

I unfortunately did not have DHP(dynamic handling package) nor Adaptive drive on my 528i, so I couldn't relate, but I can imagine how frustrating it may be to lose all those settings and not having a fix by KW.

Hopefully KW will do as they say and come out with the fix so you and others in your situation can regain all of the settings you lost as you installed the V3's.

Originally Posted by LACSTER View Post
Great write up Lui!

KW is the only way to go for the F10
Thanks Kev!!

Originally Posted by ICIC View Post
Great review and great video Lui.

Would you mind to share your setting like height and stiffness? Both are default box settings?

The sport button settings for chassis cannot work anymore? I believed changing the suspension to V3 wouldn't cause any error code. Let me know if I'm wrong?

Again, awesome review!!
Thank you ICIC , I appreciate your kind words.

Yes, the coilovers were set at default out of the box settings. However , the height was adjusted just a tiny bit. My height was raised from the rear because my wheel offset was a bit too aggressive and would rub if I left it at the out of the box height settings , which apparently were a bit too low for my wheel setup.

I did not have DHP/Adaptive drive on my 528i, but as Jason Aka Jaekeem stated, you lose the settings if you install KW coilovers at this time.

Originally Posted by 78mao View Post
love that video bro! hahahahhaha get slammed!
Get slammed or get canned !!