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Originally Posted by bmwarchitect View Post
How about carbon black with th M-sport. Is is a blue that looks black in low light and blue in sunlight. Beautiful color and exclusive to M-sport. At least in USA. Many photos here and on
Thanks for your reply. In direct, bright sunlight, I agree that carbon black is an awesome color... but otherwise, in overcast conditions, or at night, indoors, etc., it's way too dark a "blue" for me; pretty much might as well just be black. Since Imperial Blue is too dark for my tastes, Carbon Black won't cut it for me either.

ALSO, you can't order a 535i in CB, only the 550i. But if you like CB, and are getting the 8 cylinder 5, and want the M Sport option, then it's the perfect choice, with the bonus being that it’s ONLY available with the M Sport option. Great, I like the exclusivity… you won’t see any non-M Sport CB cars on the road. I just wish BMW would add this same exclusivity for one of the lighter blues (like Le Mans or Monte Carlo) on the 535i with M Sport. Or just let me order Deep Sea Blue with the M Sport !