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Originally Posted by nyranger74 View Post
BMW does give you a choice to special order paint, they just charge you a lot $5000. if you really want that color and willing to spend $3000, then why not just suck it up and pay an extra 2 grand?
I don't know, $5,000 (or is it $5,500?) is just too much to pay for a special order color, when I'd be really happy just to get an existing color (Deep Sea Blue) with the M Sport option. Maybe for a truly rare (one-of-a-kind?) combo on a 535i like Le Mans Blue, but the way I'm spec'ing out the car, it's going to have a $68K MSRP, and to add on ANOTHER $5,500 for special paint is just over the top, IMHO. Thanks for the input.