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Originally Posted by naveeds786 View Post
I was also under the impression that Carbon Black was not available for m-sport 528s/535s. However, when I went to order my F10, my CA surprisingly told me I could order an m-sport 528 in Carbon Black. I didn't believe him at first knowing that the online configurator didn't allow it and figured that when he went to place the order for the vehicle, he would call me with bad news. But he immediately showed me a car which was already at the port that was a Carbon Black m-sport 528. I was, to say the least, pleasantly surprised.

btw, I think ordering a Sport Pack deep sea blue vehicle and then changing the bumpers to m-sport will be the cheapest/easiest option.
Thanks for the info. It's good to know that Carbon Black is indeed available on all of the 5's, although it's much too dark a blue for me personally. However, it's scary to think that the BMW configurator could be wrong... I thought it was sacrosanct !