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Originally Posted by Adiparker View Post
I've just done a trip from Blackpool back to Leeds on the motorway and didn't notice too much when I was driving on the motorway until the wind blew the car from the side, it felt like the car was really light in weight and had to oversteer quite alot to keep it going straight. The car must be heavier than the 3 coupe that I have just got rid of and that didn't have any trouble.
Despite the fantastic car in every other respect, I feel I can never "relax" in my F10, constant micro steering corrections required and anticipation of a side wind blowing the car off course.... Feels like a van instead of a car.

I was driving a transit when my son was moving house at weekend and it felt more comfortable in side winds than my F10.

Disappointed greatly with this aspect of the car. Feels like "ice driving"