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Originally Posted by Captain Chaos View Post
Jon, lots of that responsiveness will be down to the wheels which will have a much tighter sidewall on that diameter rim.

And yes I totally agree with the enthusiast perspective of the M5, they better get that right or it'll go wrong very quickly...

Electric steering will always have a vague feel at dead centre though, it can't not, there's no mechanical link to the wheels so they can't 'follow the road' and take away that constant-correction requirement. As previously posted though, there does seem to be a wide range of people from 'not too bad' to 'OMFG!' so you'd have to think something's not consistent...
Yes I know that larger wheels will improve responsiveness and, if you care to re-read my post, you'll find that's exactly what I said.
As to your statement regarding there being no mechanical link to the wheels: good grief, how else is the steering angle altered - by magic?