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Exterior Style Tweaks?

Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
... The cars are Final production prototypes before the car is signed off for production. These cars are placed in the hands of BMW employees and subjected to every day use and every aspect is logged and submitted to the project team. ...
I suppose it would be a bit late to submit style change at this stage of development? I hope BMW would consider minor tweaks on the bonnet line above headlights. It looks more aggressive and refined from all viewing perspectives (concave down) instead of wavelike curve (concave up). Additionally, the sharp crease next to kidney grill on the nose is not harmonic, it flows better when the crease is closer to the inner side of headlight housing. These should be easy tweaks for BMW's module platform strategy. Hopefully these would be part of changes in LCI if it's late for this production run.

Here are a few examples: (photochop on top, original on bottom for comparison)
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