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Originally Posted by Dandle View Post
You mean these. They are adaptive LED headlights and will be offered alongside but as a higher option above adaptive xenon lights. The have been seen on the LCI 5 already and can be recognised by the squared off angel eyes.
Yes I know that adaptive LED headlights will be offered as an option with the LCI. But as far as I understand the adaptive headlights on the f30/f31 is just xenon. I have been told that the adaptive xenon headlights on the f30/f31 work individually and in the same way as the LEDs in the Youtube video. It might be so that the adaptive LED headlight are even more sophisticated than the adaptive xenon headlights offered for the f30/f31.

As I said in my first post I wouldn't hesitate to order todays f11 if it wasn't for the hope of even better headlights than it has today. BMW offers todays f11 at an incredible good price so it's really hard to decide if I should wait or just by today.