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Originally Posted by Mr. Magic View Post
Thanks kd6lor,
When I test drove on of the F10's, it had black ventilated seats. They did feel comfortable.

I have the grey leather on my 3-series E46 and it stays pretty cool, especially when I cracked the window slightly. I'll look into the vented seats - parking black cars under trees for shade just attracts bird poop. The vented seat package comes with some overlap (heated & multi-contour) that other packages offer as well, so not economical in this sense.

BMW NA web configuration shows price adjustment when adding packages with overlapping contents such heated and multi-contour seats. So you don't pay the whole price for the selected package - you pay only the price for the items from the package which don't overlap.

In your case, if you add Active ventilated seats package, you will only add $1,950 to your total instead of the whole price of $2,950. You would save $1k because you already have the multi-contour seats from ZSP and the heated seats from ZP2.

I would not hesitate to add ZAV if I were you. Not even in Chicago let alone NorCal. Either way, I envy you for living in CA and for ordering such a great car!