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Originally Posted by delvek View Post
Kills me how people are so interested in cameras to help them park but god forbid they think something gets in the way of their superman like driving skills on the slalom.

For what its worth, I ordered Black Sapphire with Black Leather and Anthracite headliner and dark wood trim. Saw the same spec and thought it looked tight so I went with it.

Other then that and the fact that 99% of people who dont order IAS do not understand it. To value cameras over IAS is like thinking your "boss" isnt the "maid" ... absurd!
You know. it's a good point you have.

My company designs, manufactures, and supplies a IT component of these magnificent cars, so I think I can shed some light here.

While your electronic gizmo's may work well by IT standards (updated with new hardware every few years), they won't always work well in the more demanding auto industry standards and longer lifecycle.

We already have too many of these e-gizmo items in these cars that can go bad too quickly. While I'll order these gizmo's for non-critical functions, and will not be too surprised when they break down later in a few years, I am going to be very upset if I lose my steering and pay a king's ransom to repair. Yes, we have many of these components in the car today, and they need to improve the reliability (perhaps Lexus is better shape).

For critical applications like steering, I'd like to minimize these exposures, and the standards are higher. I'd like to see lots of data saying something provides a huge advantage for critical driving applications.