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Originally Posted by Falcao View Post
Ah yes. I remember the old thread. Nice and tasteful mods BUT even with all that money spent on the body, it is still a 528
What is gonna happen on the street if you meet up with a 550 wanting to race?
forget about meeting M5 since M5 vs 528 is bloody molestation.

I am still waiting on a guess for how much the conversion cost. I wager it cost more or equal to what could be spent on M5 upgrade

some things i can't understand but i guess if it makes the driver feel good then that it all that matters.
Um, Falcao ... it's a bit tacky having a laff at another blokes ride. Rah!

That said, you do raise an interesting point on the cost of the three separate versions of complete modifications. The smart money would be on Evan having negotiated freebies or sponsorship in some manner from the various suppliers to showcase their products. Props to you Evan if you have as you are a trailblazer on the F10 mod front and no doubt get truckloads of enjoyment while doing it.

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