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Originally Posted by yco View Post
well for me at least fuel save is not a thing that any motorsports fan is happy about.. and when they put higher fuel flow rate it ll mean engines will consume more.. and with this regulations right now cars probably will need 40-50kg of additional fuel which ll bring them to limits an almost 1000kg of race start weight.. it ll be too much..

and another point is highly possible that MGU-H will be gone in 2021.. and the last big thing for me at least.. its F1 refueling was there for decades.. i dont want to see races with fuel saving or too heavy for not putting some good laps in race.. this one is more subjective though..
So, what you're saying is, you haven't read anything suggesting these changes are going to're merely expressing the changes you'd like to see.

(Trust me I'd like to see refueling and no fuel flow limit, but I doubt it's going to happen.)

Remember there were times in F1 where they could refuel, but had to run the race on one set of tires. Now they can change tires, have to run at least two sets of tires that are different compounds (unless a wet race) but can't refuel.

The regs in F1 are always changing.

Personally I'd like to see a hard spending cap and the tech regs opened up. But that's not going to happen either.