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I went the "cheaper" route with a PS4 Pro and Gran Turismo Sport. I've been playing GT for years and just love it.

So with that in mind I wanted to update my hardware as well.
I have the folowing setup:
Thrustmaster T-GT - wheel and pedals (will upgrade to the loadcell pedals when they are available).
RSeat S1 Cockpit - I have a wide variety of drivers in the family and the sturdiness of this cockpit is perfect. Not to mention how easy it is to adjust. Both seat and pedals move back and forth.
Cart - I have a surround sound system on a shelf located in the middle of the wall. I bought a 10ft. HDMI cable and can move the cart right next to my sim rig when I'm playing. It holds everything and works great! I just modified it to fit the PS4 (middle) and the surge protector (bottom).
When I'm not driving and we're playing other games, I simply roll the sim rig right out of the way (I installed wheels where the feet were supposed to be mounted - it works great). Likewise, I can roll the cart to the side so it's out of the way too.

In the end, I have a total of about $2K invested. I knew if I went with a full blown PC sim rig for iRacing I'd be in it for a lot more. I can always upgrade as the cockpit will work with any wheel/pedal combination.

Glad to be back into it! My eight year old daughter loves it too. For GT, you can set the assist for braking and steering on so she won't crash after 100 feet. She likes to win
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