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Adding KCAN-3 bus for LED light conversion

I am upgrading a F25 (2013) that had adaptive dual Xenons to adaptive LEDs. This was because of damage to the original Xenons and the desire for the facelift bumper conversion.

Posting here as well because the LED light conversion is more common with the F10 community. All going well. I noticed the car had a ZGW-02 already (although no pins in spot #10 and #28 which is where K-CAN3 goes - at least based on my 650 and wiring diagrams I have poured through). I added the pins and wired a K-CAN3 bus to the headlight modules from the ZGW. Flashed the ZGW ECU and still do not see K-CAN3 in ISTA/D diagram. So naturally it says FRM cannot communicate with LED lights when I try to "teach in" the LEDs in ISTA/D. I did not add the 120ohm terminating resistor for the new CAN bus and perhaps that might help too.

So, general questions:

1. Has anyone added K-CAN3 functionality to a pre-LCI car?
2. Has anyone flashed ZGW and FRM to add LED functionality (for a 2013 vintage ZGW and FRM)?

Getting close on this project and will document after I get it all sorted out.