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Present day? Sativa indica hybrid is mostly placebos. In the rush to come up with the quickest growing, less finicky more potent flower, a metric fuck ton of cross breeding has come about.

Vape oils? When the plant goes through extraction process, what made it indica or sativa is evaporated. You're left with terpenes they add to the vape oil. Vapes are 100% placebo. Flowers and pre-rolls are quickly getting to that level too. They market lower thc flower as "sativa" for example. Plus, sativa is a pain to grow. Takes longer than indica. Tack on another month of time.
Lots of truth here, however; from what I gathered in my...."research" Sativa is no harder to grow than Indica unless it's being done outdoors...I have no experience in this - therefore I will not touch on it. From my understanding, I could be wrong, that unless you are buying an actual strain of either Sativa or Indica; any plant can be grown to be either strain. This is all based off the plants trichome's. Basically, if the trichomes are white/milky you have sativa, wait maybe 3 weeks longer and you'll have yourself an indica. The longer you go and the longer you let the trichomes darken, the more potent the high. My preference was to wait until the trichomes are really amberish on the top and still milky white toward the bottom. Perfect hybrid. The issue with waiting is that it's like sitting on pins and needles until harvest. So many things can go wrong in those last few weeks. It's a bit of a gamble to wait on those trichomes to get so dark.

My research consisted of ChemDawg strain (a hybrid of OG Kush and Sour Diesel), deep water culture grow inside a tent, 1100 watts of LED light, multiple fans, 2 charcoal filters and typical light cycle during veg and flower stages. 1.5 pounds, 1 plant. The pain in the ass with these plants is.....well, pretty much everything. It's just like having another baby/child. In the beginning it's all cute and you're so excited to see it grow. When it gets older, closing in on the transition from veg to bloom, suddenly they are like teenagers; they refuse to eat when they should (I forced fed mine and drove the pH back down - ornery fucker) then after they decide they want food and caused the pH to drop after. Pretty much everything was a pain in the ass once it switched to "bloom." I ended up with a light leach in my last week of bloom so I notched the bottom of the plant, waited 24 hours for it "Hulk" then cut that bitch. Fun little science experiment. Yielded all sorts of goodies aside from the flower itself.
It's a lot more complicated than just the trichomes. Sativa plants tend to be taller as well. You also get smaller yields with sativa. Sativa buds are smaller.

So from a business standpoint, you have strains that take longer, more finicky, not as visually sexy with smaller nugs and they take up more space. Which do you think you'd grow more of if you were running a business?

This is why there's always more indica readily available than sativa. It's not just one thing, it's a variable on many. Not knocking sativa, just explaining.
I can't disagree with you on any of it.
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We're Americans. Leave your logic and science witchcraft out of this! Jesus and guns are all we need.
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