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Hi guys, a new user to this forum, so please be patient.. Am seriously considering going down the road of diesels hence have several questions.

I'm interested in an F10 and noted the subtle changes for MY13.

Have a few quick questions, so mods, feel free to move to another thread if deemed inappropriate for this.

1. Instrument cluster on the dash. UK specs reading for speed is mph on the outer ring, kmh on the inner ring. Is it possible/difficult to swap it the other way (ie kmh on the outer ring, mph on the inner ring)? Or to get 1 that is a pure kmh speedo?

2. The 520d Efficient Dynamics is a very interesting model, however, comes with certain limitations. Is it still possible to retrofit options that were previously not availble in the spec sheet as per the regular 520d SE?

3. The engine block again, on the 520d Efficient Dynamics is the same as the 520d SE. Will a chip upgrade from AC Schnitzer work as well?

4. Is it safe to go through a broker to find the cheapest deal, as compared to going directly to the dealer to purchase a car? On average, how much discount can one expect?

Any answers/comments are most appreciated.