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Originally Posted by jaf89f View Post
If you have direct experience with either of those cars and you don't mind saying a few things about each, please do. I'm very indecisive and need all the advice that I can get.
No problem!

2008 Honda Si- Very, very good daily driver with a reasonable amount of space. Like 2012_135i said, you really have to get these Honda's thing into the high RPM's to have any fun, though. Mods: Intake, exhaust, basic suspension upgrades

2003 VW GTI 20th Anniversary Edition- The most fun I've had aside from the S2K. Very practical with torque throughout the RPM range. Mods: Intake, diverter valve, downpipe, exhaust, chipped ECU

2006 Audi A3- Very reliable until it hit 50k. Once 50k hit, the coolant system failed along with several other things. Build quality (chipping paint on interior pieces, etc) would prevent me from recommending an A3.

Experience with:

2003 350z (friend's): Very fun to drive, but the clutch is too long, light, and finicky. The owner's throwout bearing in the clutch went out and it sounds like a can of marbles when he's idling (he claims it is a common issue as well but I can't confirm).

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