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Originally Posted by Spitfire007 View Post
you want economical? You're trying to save money?

an S2000 is NOT the way to go (NO practicality, pricey tires, parts, though it may be reliable)

a 350Z is Fugly. and you'd be going through tires, again...

a VW is much cheaper. to run, to maintain. plus you can put shit in it.

Why would you get rid of the 1er, for something 'more affordable', and then get an S2000 or 350Z....that's just retarded.

whatever saving you get in insurance and payment, will just go to maintaining these older cars. So it's a trade-off.

Good luck. I say get a 2 year old GTi. Not a looker, but fun and practial and cheap. Period
go vw and let's put you in a money pit when it comes to repairs.

Dude, the s2000 goes down as one of the sports cars requiring the least amount of maintenance. In the 2.5 years I had my ap1, I had to do 0 to it, not even brake pads. Same story with my ap2.
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