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Door Lock Issue

Hello everyone,

Just an FYI regarding door lock issues:

I washed my car at a manual car wash and afterwards my driver & passenger door locks stopped working with the key fob. Further, the door lock button on the dash wouldn't work and I couldn't open the passenger door from inside the car. I changed my key fob battery and the rear doors would lock but the driver and passenger doors wouldn't do anything. I also noticed my radio presets had disappeared.

I called the dealership and was told it was probably the door actuator. The technician informed me that the average cost to fix a door actuator is $850. I did some checking on-line and found a thread referring to a blown 15 amp fuse (position 14 in the glove box). I pulled the fuse but dropped it and it disappeared into an obis of wires and crevices under the dash. Because I couldn't find the fuse, I wasn't sure if it was blown. I replaced the fuse with a new fuse and now everything works fine.

Appreciate 0