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Best exhaust for your money?

Well that all depends on what you want out of your exhaust. No Cat back system is going to net you truly huge gains on your 535i unless you are running huge amounts of boost. If you are looking to do heavy modding down the line, you can go with a full turbo back system.

My suggestion would be to go with downpipes first. They will give you 15-20 HP on a non chipped car, and up to 30 on a tuned car. Then if you want more sound, go with a muffler. So many options out there. Akarapovic and Eisenmann are a little on the more expensive side, but you won't be disappointed with the sound.

ACS definitely makes quality products and I would also recommend them. You can also consider Remus. Their products are high quality and you may find the price a little more to your liking compared with Akrapovic and Eisenmann