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Originally Posted by kyheang12 View Post
I just bought the painted front bumper reflectors from Jlevisw and I need help replacing it. Pictures or video with the direction would be great. =D

Thank you ahead of time.
Real simple kyheang12! All you have to do is take a blow dryer and warm up the OEM reflector for about 5 minutes because it's getting a little colder now in Socal. ONce you get it warmed up just push inwards with your thumbs and it should just pop off. You need to remove once screw inside the wheels well to remove it then from there install new painted reflectors. Took me about 5 minutes per reflector w/o heating it because I did it in the summertime.

Originally Posted by 78mao View Post
from what i know u gotta go threw the wheel well
and push inwards. it comes out from the inside instead of outwards.
i have mine from lacster, but i havent installed yet.
You haven't installed it yet Alex?