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Scratch Fixer

Originally Posted by Drjferris View Post
Hi folks,

Still absolutely loving my 520D F10 M-Sport! Just wondering if anyone knows how best to repair some scuff marks on the LCD (i.e. sat nav) screen? I accidently scratched it by using kitchen towel to clean and made it worse after I did some research on DIY repairs and used an eraser to 'remove' the scratches. It looks 20 times worse now. Is there a matte spray or something that can be applied to dull the glare from the scuffs so that they look less noticable?


I have been refurbishing, rebuilding and hotrodding all types of vehicles for quite a few years - so I can tell what will and what will not work for this type of scratch. You need to find/purchase a tube, or small can, ( I always keep the 32 oz. can around my shop) of "Happich Simichrome" from a high end auto parts store or just search the net for someone close to you that stocks it. It is a German made polishing paste that absolutely works. It works on chrome, stainless (awesome), light rust, etc. Years ago, classic car restorers found that it works on muscle car plastic parts that were not being reproduced and it works beautifully.

You want to be careful and make sure that it will not haze the plastic (a reaction of plastic to some harsh metal cleaners/polishes). To make sure that it will not harm your screen, try it out first on other plastic on the car (after reading your post I went out and tried it on my car - it's safe). The process is very similar to polishing chrome or stainless - dry, clean soft cloth and a small dab that will cover one or two fingers. Use a circular method and keep polishing until you see the scratches diminishing. Use another soft clean cloth to clean/buff the surface. After two or three cycles of this, the scratches should have disappeared or very close to it. If you are happy, leave it alone and admire your work.

By the way, the remainder of the tube/can will not go to waste and you will always be a fan of this stuff. Nothing can touch it for polishing you chrome exhaust tips, hard water stains on glass (especially rearview mirrors) and of course, plastic surfaces like your I-phone. One last tip, if you have an heirloom watch and time to kill, it works great on the crystal face of the watch and all of the metal parts. This is the one product that is guaranteed safe on antique finishes.. Try it, old school restoration tips/tricks are quickly disappearing from view.
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