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Originally Posted by crmgr View Post
Laser is used a lot by state troopers and local police on the highways here in Ohio, mostly during daylight hours. Don't see them using laser often in the winter because they need at least an open window. Granted a laser will get you before you can react, but at least it gives me some edge. Also reason why I try not to run lead in the high speed lane.

Radar is still number one however, on highways and side streets. My V1 has saved me from a few tickets, especially in cases where police like to keep it on all the time and pick up speeders heading towards them. The arrows are a real plus in telling me the direction of the signal. I never leave home without my V1..
"Granted a laser will get you before you can react, but at least it gives me some edge"

That is my question: What edge? back in the day of radar (before laser was introduced) I had a detector that caught microwaves bouncing off everything ahead of me. Unless I was the lead car on the flat prairie, I could speed to my heart's content and never get caught. Nowadays, laser is used along with radar, but I never know when I'll encounter which one, so I don't feel like I have any edge. I feel like I have a false sense of security.

I guess the "edge" comes with the thinking that if you are going to routinely speed, you might get saved from some tickets, which are considered the cost of doing business.

In my jurisdiction, a couple of speeding tickets can put insurance costs through the roof, so unless I get stealth protection. my edge comes from knowing where to speed as opposed to relying on a detector to save me some of the time.

Maybe I'm missing something though.