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Question 2000 E46 318i - Repair or Sell?

This is regarding a 2002 model E46 BMW 318i which I purchased about 6 months ago for 950. It has 81k on the clock, no engine problems.

Initial inspection
I have a trusted mechanic that I have been going to for years and sent the car down to him for a check as there was a rattling noise emanating from the rear of the vehicle on the driver's side. I was told I needed new shockers and paid 150 to have 2 fitted.
Unfortunately the problem still exists so I sent the car back in today and paid another 80 for anti roll bar links (one had snapped, the other was on its way out) and steam cleaning the engine as there is an oil leak and they had to detect where it was coming from. After the job was done I had a test drive and the rattling is still there so the mechanic put the car on the ramp while I was there and we both had a look, still no joy as to what the problem is. The sound is like a metallic rattle, light metal, definitely not plastic.

Further inspection
As I had the car in for repair I asked the garage to give it a good look over and let me know of anything that needs correcting and the general condition of the vehicle. At the end of the inspection I was presented with a list as follows;
All brake pipes, brake fluid and hoses 235
Bulbs 10
SRS light on 40
Aircon faulty 65
Rocker cover gasket (source of oil leak) 130
Total 480

As the car was suspended on the ramp I noticed (I am not a mechanic) a structural part which was corroded, asked the mechanic what he thought and he was a bit sheepish and said it will probably last a few years. Not exactly filling me with confidence. The parts around the wheels looked quite rusty and worn, not horrific but not good.

What should I do, sell the car or get the repair work done?
Many thanks