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So, you paid 150 for shocks and 80 for anti roll bar links, and you are talking about another 480. That's 710 on a car that you spent 950 for 6 months ago. I think the trick to owning old cars where you are not the original owner is not worrying about little noises or replacing parts that look worn. The car is 16 years old and has 81k on the odometer. Everything is a little worn and there will be noises. If you try to fix everything that is worn and cure every rattle, you will buy the whole car, one piece at a time. You could spend 250 per week for life. There are lots of parts. There is a difference between a small, stable rattle and the noise made when the wheel is ready to fall off. Your noise might be serious, but it might be something simple like a muffler hanger. (If I have a rear-end noise, I always try pushing and pulling on the exhaust system.)